Eric Fiske

Drums, Percussion

Columbia College, BA in Music Composition.
Studied: Drum set, percussion, rhythm analysis, music theory, music composition and musicology.
From: Wheaton, IL.
At Suburban Music since: June, 2012.
Music Preferences: Rock, Pop, Funk, Blues, Jazz, Latin, Reggae

As a teacher, my goal has always been to help students progress their education whether the student’s goal is to become a working musician or they are studying music as an extracurricular activity.  A special quality about me as a teacher is that I have worked multiple jobs being hired as a professional musician, have participated in college level ensemble positions, and have worked as an independent performer. These experiences help me to teach students important lessons about the professional world of performing musicians that most teachers do not offer.  I may also provide lessons in rhythm for students studying other instruments, this has helped these students better understand the basics of music theory and practice. The most important lesson I give my students is to find their own way to incorporate creativity in their performing.