Kristen Stetzer

Kristen Stetzer Bio Pic.JPG

Voice and Piano

Vocal Performance Major

Bachelor of Music Degree, Wheaton College (Anticipated Graduation: May 2021)

Hometown: Nashville, Tennessee

Musical Styles: Classical, Musical Theater, Pop


Kristen Stetzer has been passionate about music for as long as she can remember and began

training at the age of 13. While in high school, she won an honorary scholarship to study at the

Blair School of Music at Vanderbilt University, giving her a head start as an undergraduate

music major. She currently studies vocal performance at Wheaton College.

Kristen has toured across the US and Europe as a soloist and a choir member. She won the

National Association of Teachers of Singing tri-state competition in 2017, and placed second in

2018. She has performed in operas and musicals since she was 12 years old, and sang with the

Nashville Symphony Orchestra as a high school senior. She now teaches a children’s choir at

Gary United Methodist Church in Wheaton and has taught voice lessons since 2016.

As a performer and a teacher, her vision for her students is that they learn to sing freely,

understand music theory, and develop their musical interpretation. She teaches each of her

students to reach their full singing potential by relaxing tension in the voice, allowing them to

explore their own unique sound.