Vincent Forliano


Guitar, Bass Guitar, Ukulele, Banjo, Mandolin

Attended: Indiana University & SAE Institute
Studied: Music Theory, Political and Environmental Affairs Arts Management, Audio Technical Production, Audio Engineering
From: Chicago, IL
Teaches: Guitar, Bass Guitar, Ukelele, Mandolin, Banjo, Music Theory, Recording Software
Music Preferences: Bluegrass/Folk/Jazz


Vincent Forliano recently graduated as valedictorian, earning his bachelors degree in Audio Engineering and Audio Technical Production from the School of Audio Engineering. Vincent’s musical journey began at age thirteen when he began to play the guitar. Since then he has studied music theory and began playing various other instruments. Vincent has a large amount of experience with performance, live sound, recording, and engineering music and believes that understanding the relationships between these roles is important in musicianship. Furthermore, Vincent has been teaching music lessons and music theory since he was sixteen and believes that equipping students with an understanding of music theory is essential to the learning process so that students can have the ability to improvise and write their own music. Also being able to apply their knowledge to other instruments and pursue their own goals in music. Vincent believes in music and is passionate about teaching and sharing his knowledge with students of all kinds from beginner students to advanced. His personal goal is to give back and share in the power of music.