General Terms and Conditions

Mission: Suburban Music strives to enhance our community by providing an invaluable musical education to our students and high-quality musical instruments and accessories to our customers.

Lesson policy: Lesson fees for students on the regular weekly schedule are to be prepaid at the beginning of each month at a rate of $27 per lesson. A late fee of $15 will be applied to payments made on or after the 10th day of each month. Number of lessons in a month corresponds to the number of weeks in the month. Pre-paid lesson fees are non-refundable in all cases. 24 hours notice is required for lesson cancellations or discontinuation, in order to be eligible for a make-up lesson. Only one make-up lesson will be allowed per month to current, regularly scheduled students. Make-up lessons cannot be scheduled instead of a regularly scheduled lesson. Drop-in students and discontinued students are not eligible for make-up lessons.  It is the responsibility of the student to schedule a make-up lesson within 30 days of the cancelled lesson, or the fees associated with the cancelled lesson will be forfeited to Suburban Music.

Drop-in lessons:  The Fee for a Drop-in lesson is $30 per 30-minute lesson.  Drop-in lesson fees are due at the time of scheduling, by phone or in person. Drop-in lessons can be scheduled up to one week in advance. Once a Drop-in lesson has been scheduled, the fee will charged, and the instructor will be paid regardless of student attendance.  Drop-in students are not eligible for make-up lessons.

Returned checks will be subject to a $25 fee payable to Suburban Music, in addition to any fees or penalties charged by your bank.

Repairs left more than 30 days after repair has been completed will be sold for the cost of the repair.